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When a group of like-minded people come together and really click.

The results are amazing.

This is hard to do. But we make it easy.




Collaboration Done Right

Business success depends on the cooperation of people. This is messy, confusing, time-consuming and wasteful.  But absolutely critical.

It is hard.  We make it easy.

Are you sinking or swimming?

Need to break down silos?

Need everyone on board with your strategy?

Need to align everyone’s best intentions?

Need better work?

We make it easy.

Any business undertaking – strategy, process improvement, innovation, transformation – where success depends on the coordinated actions of a group of people, is made easy.


Difficult Problems Made Easy With Nobel Prize Thinking

Tricky challenges are made easy because we use the SchellingPoint methodology and technology platform. 

This is a blend of ingenious knowledge in the deeply human dynamics of business that makes all the difference between brilliance and mediocrity. 

This methodology completely revolutionizes the way to properly align people on the best way to attack a problem. 

It is by far the most reliable and effective way of getting a group from “we each think this” to “we all agree to do that”.

The SchellingPoint Methodology


Thomas Schelling

Economics Nobel Prize Winner 2005 Principles of Like-Mindedness

Thomas Schelling

Chris Argyris

Professor – Harvard Business School Action Science in Organizations


Michael Taylor
& Timothy Chambers

Theory and Practice of Relational Networks

Michael Taylor-SchellingPoint-round-2-bw.png

Fast. Reliable. Smart.

No other method comes close to delivering this standard of performance.

The Technology

The Technology

To run a successful SchellingPoint collaboration, every person who is involved in the work should be included. That means a vast array of data and analytics needs to be processed as well as roadmaps and scorecards generated and efficient tracking. SchellingPoint has a powerful software platform to make it possible to manage these technicalities to make it possible to improve the results of any strategic collaboration. 

SchellingPoint has been used in over 450 projects worldwide ranging from small entrepreneurial groups to large enterprises with thousands of participants. 

We run the entire process of getting the agreed coordinated actions you need. That’s what we do. And make it easy for you. All the ideas and solutions will come from the group or ecosystem which means they will be exactly correct for your situation. We will never pretend we are experts and tell you what you should or shouldn’t do.  





Marek Lis 

Marek Lis

Marek spent a lifetime in the advertising industry. His gift is helping marketers get better work that works through their ad agencies. He understands the peculiar nuances of the advertising business and has a knack for creating the right conditions for producing great work. 

Marek is a holder of 3 passports – Australian, Polish and US. He lives with his wife in New York where he can tell you the best places to find a genuine “flat white”.

Marek leads the advertising and marketing practice and has developed ways to use the SchellingPoint process for marketers and agencies. This includes:

Safe Cracking© – a new way to push creative boundaries

Reducing Rework 

Value Based Compensation Made Easy

Solving Hybrid Working Challenges

Inter-Agency Collaborations That Work

The Agency of the Future Made Real

Making Performance Evaluations Redundant

Intelligent Fee Negotiations

Finding the Right Agency Partner Without Pitching

Stop Losing Clients You Shouldn’t Lose

Improving Agency Profitability

Fixing The Media Transparency 3rd Rail

Sharon Richmond
Expert Partner - Leadership Excellence

Sharon Richmond

Sharon knows all the shortcuts when Hwy 101 is a jammed parking lot. She has a reserved car space at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Cisco and a who’s who of some of the most innovative companies on the planet. She helps these leaders master the art of flying. Sharon has the Silicon Valley dweller’s knack for finding the best avocado toast in town.

Sharon blends her deeply personal leadership work with the data-driven capabilities of the SchellingPoint process to nurture superstar leaders. These applications include:

Aligning on Strategy

Improving Company Culture

Prioritizing Growth Opportunities

Building Employee Engagement

Gathering 360 Feedback

Mapping Your Leadership Trajectory

Tracy Morgan
Expert Partner - Strategy Enrichment

Tracy Morgan

Tracy’s gift is the ease in which she finds hidden improvements in even the most thoroughly devised strategies. She literally wrote the book on the subject: The best seller, “How to Conduct an Effective Strategic Planning Process with Minimal Effort”. Her training as a chemical engineer allows her to see the invisible connections in systems that clients find particularly irresistible.


Tracy prefers the cheesesteaks from Geno’s in Philly and orders hers “whiz wit”.

Tracy’s has developed powerful ways to use the SchellingPoint process to improve strategies including:

Optimizing Alignment of Your Participants

Identifying Implementation Pitfalls

Uncovering Unintended Consequences

Reducing Time to Execution

Developing Better Performance Scorecards

Better Measurement & Analysis Designs

Turning Conflicts Into High Performance

Identifying The Most Viable Improvements

George Mytskowski
Expert Partner – Business Transformation

George Mytskowski

George is the man you call when things need to be turned around fast. During his time in the military, he learned how to hit targets extremely well. It is with this natural gift combined with his vast business experience he can pinpoint the exact buttons and levers to push to turn the red ink to black. George lives next to Silverstone racetrack in the English Midlands and on Formula 1 Race weekends all he has to do is open his back doors and watch the race in super sensaround.

George has created unique ways to transform businesses using the SchellingPoint process. Some of his capabilities include:

Changing Hard Work into Smart Work

Making Complex Change Straightforward

Creating Better Change Leaders

Securing Stakeholder Confidence

Realigning Culture

Growing Your Own Change Expertise

Making Yourself a Change Hero

Hearing Every Important Opinion

Simplifying Your Message

Leading Teams Out of Lockdown

Predicting the Unpredictable

Tracking and Using Opinion for Better Results

Improving Your Capacity to Deliver Results

Digitizing Change

Jim Katzenberger
Expert Partner – Enterprise Systems

Jim Katzenberger-schellingpoint.png

Jim is the traffic cop where supply chains, technology and people intersect. He knows how to direct these assets to shorten the “time to value.” Jim likes to say, “Systems are great; however it’s all about people.” Jim has impressive business credentials and experience. He has worked with successful entrepreneurs to a who’s who of blue chip companies. If you visit Philadelphia, Jim can show you the secret walks of Fairmont Park.

Jim appreciates the ability to pinpoint the right pressure points using the amazing accuracy of the SchellingPoint process. He can deliver the kinds of results for your ERP system that will make competitors jealous. These include:

Creating momentum by making sense of objectives

Lifting people performance for extraordinary results

Maximizing the benefits from Enterprise Systems

Creating value through Digitization

Re-Imagining the future of work and its impact

Improving people and product supply chain efficiencies

Improving outcomes by enabling the People part of “people, process and technology”

Creating Customers, Communities and Capabilities

Atul Madahar
Expert Partner – Venture Capital Backed Businesses, and Energy Transition

Atul Madahar

Atul is an expert in driving value in emerging technologies with over 35 years spent in a wide range of equity raisings, acquisitions and IPO’s. He knows how to turn good ideas into solid balance sheets. He has walked the corridors of tech and finance power in Europe, USA. Japan, and Taiwan. He is fluent in the peculiar language of Fintech. Atul holds US and UK driver’s licenses and like a good consultant, drives in the middle of the road. When you are in London, Atul can tell you which tourist traps to avoid.

Atul has found innovative ways to employ the SchellingPoint process to help organizations celebrate great achievements. He is proud of his work in the following areas:

Effecting holistic operational due diligence for investors

Optimizing private-equity turnarounds

Moving portfolio firm performance into the upper quartile

Creating coherence between boards, investors and executives

Designing and implementing effective business plans

Navigating future applications of emerging technologies

Ensuring joint ventures go right from day one


Contact us today with your top barriers impeding success.

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